To Sense. To Study. To Know.

|Fariss & Eva Ryan|

Founders of Gracenotes and Footnotes. 

While they wear many hats in their respective communal identities, they share this small business as a creative space of inspiration for a global community. 

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What is Gracenotes and Footnotes?

It is a creative company driven by two driven dreamers.
It is a growing media conglomerate and space for everyday beauty & bliss.

It could be viewed as a music label and it could be viewed as a creative collective. Each project is an adventure of it's own.

What does "Gracenotes and Footnotes" mean?
A very good question. 
Gracenotes are the moments when we realize we are living in a grand puzzle, a well written story, or an orchestral symphony. These are the life experiences that take our breath away.

Footnotes are what we describe as our research to deeper and better understand the Gracenotes.

On every page we seek to help bridge the gaps between a monotonous life & living purposefully.