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Fariss and Eva Ryan Music

Fariss and Eva Ryan are constantly creating new music.
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They have produced the Stowaways EP, Cartwheels, and now White House! You can listen to and pick up their tunes anywhere you shop or stream music.
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Music Production
Fariss would love to produce music for you. If you are interested in commissioned work,  contact us by using the "About" menu.  

White House

This project written for Weaverville, California is releasing July 30th, 2017. Stay tuned for more updates. The iTunes Preorder is HERE.
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Cartwheels is a 9 track children's album funded by our loyal IndieGoGo backers! Like Stowaways it is hip (not cheesy) children's music full of graceful lyrics and healthy theology. It's soundscape features funky rhythmic bass, jazz organs, childlike gang vocals, spacious synths, and tasty horns.
You can find it on iTunes/Spotify...etc.


stowaways album cover.jpg

Stowaways EP

The Stowaways EP is a 6 track children's album funded by our amazing backers on Kickstarter! During this project we were able to produce and release 100+ CDs to children in our community.
The music is probably best described as whimsical folk, with melodies reminiscent of the ocean and adventure.
You can find it on iTunes/Spotify...etc or get it for free on Noisetrade.