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The Kid's Corner

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Free Lesson!

We've been writing curriculum for the past couple years with 150+ children's lessons in our quiver.
If you would like to download this lesson click here!
This lesson is about our life purpose.  
(In a previous lesson we also showed a clip from this video to our pseudo kids. They liked the 3:30-4:40 section and when he describes the two kinds of purpose).

Kids Songs!

We've been writing, arranging, and recording with some amazing children for quite a while.
Some songs on Cartwheels were completely written by children. "The Way" and "I Love You" are two of them. Go check them out and listen to their voices shine!

For a deeper explanation about the styles of these albums, please visit our music page.

Cartwheels is our second Children's Music Album. Find it on iTunes here!

Stowaways EP was our first children's music CD. Find it on iTunes here!